Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Rabbit Prince

Judgement is at hand!

When I saw Zellara, the Harrow card diviner, I was reminded of my mother and the way she used to tell me children’s stories behind some of the cards used in common Harrow decks. My favorite was always the Rabbit Prince, nimble and alert; I remember the Prince was a popular imaginary companion for many royal and highborn children.  

So when I saw Zellara begin to turn over the Rabbit Prince card... all those childhood memories of bedtime tales and children’s melodies of old came back to me in a breath. The feeling was pleasant at first; but when Zellara said this was my fate card… a key-card, it was in my mother’s voice that she spoke and that brought within me ice-cold conviction. Inquisitor’s judgment was at hand.

“The Rabbit Prince,” my mother’s voice said. “Is the personification of unpredictability in battle, and his broken sword… symbolizes defeat eventually comes to everyone.”

I felt a surge of divine purpose and guidance at seeing the central-neutral placement of the Rabbit Prince; I knew then Pharasma had placed Zellara in my path. She had the ability through her reading for me to reach out for Knowledge about the vile Gaedran Lamm. My sister and the siblings of countless others depended on this reading.

“What does Gaedran Lamm fear most?” I had said, never looking away from the Rabbit Prince.

After hearing Zellara's reading, Gaedran knows defeat is coming and is desperate to avoid it; he fears being drawn into combat and will flee at the first sign of defeat. We now know his fear and thus his fate. We will stand together and when we do I will cast my stern gaze upon his mug and pronounce swift judgment upon the thief of children, seeking Sacred Justice for everyone he has terrorized. 

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