Monday, October 1, 2012

Inquisitor Bordana Habern

Blood flew off the head of the mace in a spray that stained young Bordana’s fine dress a wet scarlet red. Bordana screamed as she watched the guard drop to his knees, his eyes crossed and staring dumbly up at the cavity where his brains used to be.

Darkness began to close about Bordana as more faceless guards charged the undead and its deadly mace; each one fell as dead as the first. Blood continued to run from between Bordana’s legs as she watched the creature frozen in terror; she redoubled her cries.

The creature turned toward Bordana and brought its mace about, seemingly in defense and took a tentative step back. An intense dryness in her throat stopped her screams, Bordana could hardly breathe. She took several steps back as an intense malevolent light intensified in the creature's eyes, it charged, and then it attacked.

Three days later Bordana awoke from her injuries on her thirteenth birthday, a mysterious package sat plaintively by her bed. Pain shot up her side and her vision swam threatening to make her either sick or tumble her from the bed. She cried out in pain as darkness briefly claimed her conscious mind.

When Bordana opened her eyes again some hours later she found her parents anxiously watching over her waiting to tell their daughter of the terrible news...

It was then, Bordana would reflect upon years later, when she promised her heart and faith to Pharisma. Taking up the mace from that fateful day, Bordana began carrying out services for Pharisma as mortician and scorage of undead; as a holy diviner, with the Knowledge domain; and as midwife delivering children, something Bordana would never be able to do... after the undead attack left her infertile.

Denied the most base of female functions, Bordana passes her Inquisitor Judgements with grim intensity, and a skeptic’s eye. She wears overlapping veils over her funeral-black attire, veils that change in color with her mood; Bordana is known to give Veils of Pharisma to expectant women as well as recent widowers in her travels.


  1. Some behind the scenes:
    The attack came on the night Bordana got her first (and last) menstrual cycle. The loss of fertility was instrumental to her choice in class, Bordana's function in the church of Pharisma, and her disdain for undead-- who robed her of Bordana's 'most fundamental of female roles.'

    The mace the undead attacked her with it the same as in my character pic.