Saturday, October 25, 2014

Notes from game session 8/30 & 9/20

Forgive the auto correct errors. Pasted from my IPad.

Digging in the dirt
We start the night with some random  (nemonic vestment) rolls found in the mansion & add 50gp from the Dark Sphere. Zandu sends a massage to Jolistina father saying he is available to discuss the events of his daughters death.

Tony & Rob see some Grey Maidens on the street. They have a memorable flashback with a lanky individual & some undead. The women turning ashen and collapsing as they come into the area of the lanky man. Rob grabs a maiden and asks if he knows her. She disregards his questions and thanks him for admiring her form and trying to help. We head back to citadel vulshnic and rest for the night.  Tony, Rob,& James are plagued with nightmares. Though the rest of us sleep uneasy.

We are awaken by members of pharasma there is an uprising in the grey's and they need assistance. We meet with Crasida and she lets us know Roth's lair has been found. She give Rob his family Crest on a tabard and says go get them!

We head towards the church and see a see of bones in an large area of what looks like eternal night.  We are ambushed by some flying creatures and battle ensues.
We eliminate the both burbling & a BODAK and head into the crypts below.

We run into an undead Minotaur of blood & 3 manananggal ( WTF) a female torso with's Horrific! We fight our way through a few epic battles and eventually end up eliminating a magic jared Rolth. We discover that someone is controlling the caster known as Rolth. There could be more "Roth's" out there.

We save some females from becoming Gray maidens and will split up loot next game. We get 6,000xp.

The Hospice of the blessed maiden

After splitting treasure we head back to citadel vulshnic. The burning of body's has filled the air with a foul Black smoke. We come across a group of guards auguring about a group of grey maidens. The maidens had killed over 100 people and some guards want to take action. One of the guards breaks off and heads towards Crasidas office / James and Butch follow. The rest of us stay to talk to the anger guards.   Crasida arrives and cuts the conversation short.  

After a brief conversation with the guard that broke off James does some remote viewing and watches him search Crasidas offices. On Crasidas request we bring him to her for some lighthearted questioning with broken teeth and his ears filled with wax we leave him to be handled by Crasidas men as we head to the war room to plan.

She asks us to check the hospice. Rolths hand in the grey maiden project and now the maidens turning on citizens we need to find out what is happening their.

We also find out that old Corvosa has been quarantined. And all the wooden bridges have have been destroyed. 

After we rest we head to the church of Abadar. The church has been locked down since last night as a group of undead had attacked. The outside sick outside. With a chime of opening we enter the main chamber and find 6 ghoul like (corpulent) undead and a necromancer. Battle ensues.

After a ruff combat we eliminate the ghouls but the necromancer was never seen and managed to escape by the end.
 We meet with Ebesco and return complete the deal we had with them (see Rats note). Ishani went to the Hospice and has not been heard from since.

We start next game heading to the hospice to finish this horrific situation.