Friday, April 5, 2013

My notes are sketchy, but here is what I have for review.
We started up just a few days after the brave appearance of Black Jack. ThE gaurds of the post we work with had taken a collection and wished to provide the funeral with a military burial ( we found him in twisted undeath in the grays when we recovered the shoanti noble ). A reception was hosted and the night was lost to drink. An adept in the service of Melani, Patron Goddess of Uprisings, introduced herself to me and we haggled a bargain that would allow me to summon her via the new "summon NPC" spell. In return, I am to provide an extravagant gift to her shrine ( it will be a holy symbol worth 100 gp).
The next morning, we were visited by armigers, hell knights who seemed primarily interested in hearing Bordanas version of the account of the appearance of Black Jack. They seemed to treat her position in her faith very respectfully, and accepted her words as the standard others' recountings were to be compared to. 
we visited with the watch captain later that day, who suggested we visit Orsini's neighborhood. Although she never said the words together, she asked us questions until she was confidant we knew he was Black Jack and we were friendly to their methods. Here is where my notes get sketchy, I think she also gave us a name of a man who suspected to be involved with the kidnappings that Rob's character is struggling to recall. He was said to work a rope supply shop. We went to the shop on the way to Orsinis. We watched and observed for a while but decide to come back after dark, for the 'special cuts' as it were. we were evidently spotted , but that wouldnt become evident until the next day. 
At Orsinis, an advisor of his said he hadnt been seen in a few days, but bade us to stay the night. We thought this might have given a chance to meet with him, but it was not to be.We left early the next morning, just in time to be ambushed by a group of thugs from the rope shop. A fight ensued, which i remember as very tough with a spellcaster involved. I remember charm spells, having summoned a grappling warrior, and summoning Kush to help us fight as well. Thats about all I got, feel free to comment or add details.