Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Secret Study

Bordana looked out from her secret room at Majenko who delighted at playing with the children orphaned by the plague and taken in by the Pharisma clergy. While Majenko was busy eluding children, he was also keeping watch, not just to make sure she was not disturbed but that her secret study remained a secret. 

Adding to Bordana's negligible faith in Korvosa’s monarchy, now she believed her very life may be in danger. While gaining a relative surge in prestige in the church, due to current circumstances, the knowledge of how to remove disease and to be able to scribe that process upon a scroll makes her a threat to those who engineered these events.

It was why she prayed in private and would keep her scribing talents secret to all but her most trusted friends- each of whom she did not wish anything ill to befall them on her account. Nevertheless Bordana’s resolve was only elevated to heights that would call her to face her fears.

Returning to her writing table she regarded the magical armor and shield outfit from their last trek into the disease ridden city and the magical mace that bore a mysterious brand low on the handle. In the past Bordana feared the gruesomeness that came with melee combat, however with a true magic weapon that is about to change.

Discarding her original kilted studded leather armor, while it was enchanted it was very identifying to her, as was her crossbow. Stone faced, she began removing the scarves, ribbons, and gold hoops; all of her Varisian tells and looked out toward Maienko. He would play a part in saving Korvosa too if only to augment her subtle masquerade.

New outfit, new weapon, companion… her thoughts returned to the tense and emotional battle with the vampires. Her mind raced with horrific realism. It was after their victory when Bordana learned that everyone had a part in that battle, but while it was going on Bordana believed it was only her and Steeter fighting against damnation. It was the closest to certain death- no an eternity of damnation- she had ever been. 

She looked down at the mace, took it up and blessed it. She would brand her enemies with this fine mace, vow to aid her allies in combat, and dispense Pharisma's judgement.

“Alive or dead, you will answer!”