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Review 08/22/2015 (Three Glaciers Fjord, a Firth Monster, and the Tower of Issvardr)

After our separation from the Leviathon we find ourselves on a frigid coast we eventually learn is Three Glaciers Fjord. We soon come upon a long ship in distress, lead by Nord Alrekson who is escorting his granddaughter Fanna to the Þing. The long ship struggles as it takes on water. After Nord and Vorware exchange greetings the boisterous old man explains he travels from Skari to Viezla for the Ice Break Þing with hopes that Fanna is the next Winter Lady. He happily invites us to take shelter, exchange stories and travel- once they are on their way.

After about an hour of travel we are assaulted with a horrible sound as large hunks of ice are displaced and forces the longboat against a vast ice shelf; then from out of the depths a Firth Monster rises, grabs the long boat with its massive jaws and throws it against the glacier breaking off hunks of ice.

The attacks of the sea monster eventually break away a three hundred foot section of the glacier revealing a white tower listing north. A door sits above the broken ice and its only window it as the top level.

It took great skill to evade the chaos wrought by the monster climbing and jumping from ice flow to hand hold but we eventually made it to the tower along with Nord, Fanna, and a terrified merchant named Nial Kormakson as well as six survivors.

After some amazing investigating we believe this could be the Tower of Issvardr, the one cursed by Boreas and incased the Vetrdis (Winter Lady) in Illska (crewel glacier) centuries ago.

We decide to investigate further and enter to find dimly halls and people sealed in ice each with their souls, like motes of light, frozen in the moment of death. Deeper in the tower we find northman ice pickers frozen in place seeming like they offended the Illska. All about are tools and after melting some ice we learn these to be about a year old. We also recover twenty sets of cloaks and boots; rope, torches and lanterns; thirty flasks of oil; and six frozen potions.

We are set upon by undead who are defeated which earned us a brief respite before continuing to the heart of the tower. Here we find stair cases ascending and descending down to the darkness, and an ice elemental.

After melting the elemental it was agreed that Orathian shares his wild shape changing everyone into owls to more efficiently explore the Tower of Issvardr. Leaving Ghost with the nine others we fly out taking note of the two cliff faces by which this glacier flowed and entered the window at the top most level.

We eventually come to an area of ice wrought with fissures; on the other side is a human sized figure of ice, she too with her soul frozen. Battle ensued against more Boreal Frights. After defeating them we realize this must be the Vetrdis from the tales and to be released she must be included as the next Winter Lady with Fanna by bringing the festival here.

We begin next session in the tower after resting.

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Review 07/18/2015 (Temple of Starry Lovers, Comet Balls, and Elushiell the Magic Sword)

Levontolin was excited, nervous and proud all at once as he floated to the guest quarters where the Visitors had slept last night. He felt confident they would welcome his offer of guidance through this holy day, and was anxious to speak more with the man who was a book. Arriving at the door, he took his humanoid shape, that of an ancient elf of Midgard's, and firmly rapped at the entrance. Head already bowed as it opened, the ancient stellar fisherman offered to escort the Visitors, and could not contain his smile as he heard the book translate his celestial tongue.

Priestess Mydella of the Temple of Starry Lovers heard the Visitors enter, but calmly finished her current mantra of meditations before opening her eyes to acknowledge them. It pleased her to see that Levon had made friends with them, for she knew that most of his fellow archons thought him strange for his willingness to leave the citadel. It pleased her even more to feel the presence of Thor and Loki enter her temple. She proved to be an amenable and talkative hostess, welcoming them all and sharing information. In exchange for agreeing to help them get back to Midgard regardless of the Court's decisions, Vorware agreed to spread the word and influence of Hecate through the North and all their travels. She told them of the duality of her temple and her welcoming of Veles and his dragon spawn, particularly the great dragons and beasts of the void. She gives the two clerics space to proselytize, and the rest of the Visitors decided to split off as supplicants and skeptics alike paused to consider the philosophies of Midgard's warrior and vessel of change.

Lady Sorella had been anticipating the Comet Ball for some time, as it was a favorite event of hers.On this day in particular she imbibed prodigious amounts of spice, wine, and the heady narcotics the alchemist supplied to the whole citadel. Still, it was not just inebriation that caused her excitement to discover Elise and the other visitors wandering in the commons. Even in the ethereal heavens the woman's beauty was breathtaking, such that the elven woman could not ignore. She was thrilled when they accepted her invitation back to her apartments, where her and Elise tried on clothes and outfits for the ball. Like Levon and Mydella before her, the first topic she brought up was to  wonder if the Visitors had decided what to do with the Leviathan. This branched to her explaining who Abdiel the Butcher was and what the Alchemist did in concert with him. She revealed Abdiel having come about 200 years ago, bringing with him the alchemist, his bridle, and the wonders of his "spiced" leviathan flesh. She spoke of the guardian hound archon only briefly, confirming that he was not part of the court, but she also didn't know exactly why he was here. After several hours, as Lady Sorella soared ever higher on her trip, the Visitors reconvened and decided to investigate this Butcher, and get to the bottom of the strangeness none of them could make any sense of.

Levon showed them to the hall that would lead them to the chambers of Abdiel the Butcher, and as they entered Draco cast a nervous eye about, spotting a floating ball of light that, crazy as it sounds, looked and felt familiar. Draco knew it was Elushiell, the enigmatic archon that had first approached them. This was most remarkable, for every time they had seen him before, he had always taken his elf form. The Visitors entered, suspicious and wary, and were not surprisedwhen the elf that introduced himself as Abdiel attacked them after failing to poison them! Surrounded with sinister auger krytrons,  Abdiel put up a vicious fight, but was ultimately defeated. At the moment of his demise, a distraught Captain Elushiell charged in accusing the Visitors of murder. However, all the evidence stood before him, and he could do more than hang his head in shame as he realized exactly what he had enabled for the past two centuries. The visitors watched as he shuffled off, and they decided to make their final preparations before they announced their decision to not release the leviathan to the needs of the court at the Comet Ball.

That evening at the ball, events unfold quickly. It is apparent the entire citadel is out of their minds high on exotic narcotics. Mostly, the visitors are exciting, but ignored the way celebrities are often seen as unapproachable. Much fanfare is made of the appearances of the King and Queen, but this is quickly over shadowed by a glowing light in the astral opening of the throne room. Very soon the light takes the form of an unearthly beautiful angel, who announces herself as Harbinger, and says  this.
"King Iorotus and Queen Astakia"
Though you have fallen far into your decadent stupors, and taken a kingdom of archons with you leading them to abandon their duties and purposes, it is still my duty to honor the station of the Citadel of a Million Stars. Perhaps if the shepardos of good we're not enslaved by the lurid dispositions of your court, this calamity could have been avoided!!  Know this, former shepards of Midgard, the Original Beast is Risen! He swims here, to this galaxy, your home.  The World Eater comes!Abandon your decadent ways and return to the shparding of Good that Midgard most sorely needes. I must ravel on to warn the rest of this galaxy, but I bid you, Even beg you toprepare. You will all have to fight to your last breath to defeat the Terrasque!!"

Wit that, she flew on to Asgard, and left the stoic royal pair to demand the Visitors anser them.Upon hearing the words of the Visitors, they commanded them to leave immediately and take their property with them.As they left, our heroes wondered many things, but their reverie was broken by a final visit, from a shamed, embarrassed and repentant Elushiell. He thanked them for their visit, expressed much disappointment in himself, and then rather abruptly killed himself, transforming into a gleaming magical sword to be used against evil in what ever form it reared. The great Leviathan took a parting shot at the citadel, sending the Alchemisits tower into a shambled ruin with a flick of its mighty tail as it swam back to the great western oceans of Midgard.

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Review 05/23/2015 (The Star Citadel, Ephemeral Elves, and the Immortal Court)

Our session begins in the midst of interstellar travel riding a space-whale into the void where mists seem to sustain travelers along what we surmise is the ethereal plane. As we travel the Leviathan’s exertion become less labored as we soar through the starry landscape. Below upon the back of the beast, mongrel men danced their mythic ritual under the void.

Some of us decide it was finally time to eat of the godsflesh in an attempt to glean our destination or anything else; what we experienced were disjointed lucid visions of elation and aspirations of a higher form. After a time the book/Vael Turog points out four motes of light following our path. Elisa thinks them like angels but were revealed to be Lantern Archons, one of which descends to extend his welcome, translated through Vael Turog. The Archons express gratitude for the Leviathan and that we will be received by King Iorotas and Queen Astrakia who are immortal rulers of the Palace of One Million Stars when we arrive. After their visit they fly down to the mongrel-men, only to observe it seemed.

A unknown time later we came to the Star Citadel, a huge radiant six-pointed castle like a star in space by which the Leviathan began a slow lazy orbit around. We were approached by a unique winged being Captain Elushiel who wears a star-metal amulet and welcomes our tribute of the Leviathan; assuming that we command the beast and the creatures upon it and requests that we bring the Leviathan onto the beach. Elushiel sees our actions to be attempting to do just that and departs hoping to see us after we beach the creature. Arnum Stormcloak attempts to coax the beast into port after eating the godsflesh but after two hours of trying the Leviathan resisted but Arnum was able to see to getting in close to the Palace Citadel. Vorware Undhin flies us over one at a time before the Leviathan bumps the Star Citadel.

Finding ourselves on a balcony we find that this structure was made for fliers, all about we see strange Auger Kition guards, star-bearer ancients and inevitables who reside in and around the Citadel. Free from the Leviathan who seemed to have its own planer characteristics, we discover so too did the Citadel's environment allowing us to breathe normally.
It was not long before Elushiel returns with concern regarding the Leviathan. Elisa relays our entire story up to now, with Vael Turog translating for us. We were asked about the mongrel men and our purpose, to which we explain we are spreading the truenames of Thor and Loki to the southern lands of Midguard. He refers to us as ‘holy-warriors’ and acknowledges each of our faiths: Sif, Thor, Loki, Tyr, and the Earth Goddess. We are introduced to our handeler, an elf and starbearer named Levontelin who delights in speaking through Vael Turog.

Food and beverages are provided inducing the lucid visions of ecstasy but for some of us we notice the urge to consume more even without hunger. We are taken to the Courtyard and shown the various named halls and rooms. We are shown the beach were we learn the reality of the Leviathan’s danger of being slaughtered for consumption. We finally make it to the Armory of the Heavens and the Hound Archon Carresland. This attracted the curiosity of Arnum Stormcloak and Draco Morn who choose to remain until the royal court was ready to receive us.

Vorware Undhin, Orathian Bjomolf, and Elisa Berit returned to the Courtyard where Elisa had a run-in with a Midgard elf, Lady Sorreminx who seemed to take offense at the propagandized history of the elves retreat from Midgard. Levontelin tells us of our arrival on the eve of the Day of Atonement and the Comet Dance- holy days of silence, contemplation or independent worship. Besides the Priestess Mydella of the Starry Lovers there is another, a temple of Hecate who keeps good relations with the church of Veles (the world serpent of which we have the Key). Eventually Arnum and Draco were brought back and we were gathered before Elushiel who states that the King and Queen will receive us.

Joining hands with Elushiel we fly to a portal lined in star-metal and enter the Vault of Heaven, a vast chamber without gravity or direction. Two pillars of light wearing robes and awe inspiring dignified masks floated in the vault. Elushiel introduces us and when the immortals respond they do so in unison and with all their senses. They ask for the Leviathan, but it was not ours to give. After some group discussion Elushiel suggests utilizing the Day of Atonement to consider their choices. Give them the Leviathan with the hopes they can return us to Midgard or was there another way to Midgard.

It became apparent to us and Vael Turog that these individuals on the Star Citadel were dependent on the lucid effects of the Leviathan’s godsflesh which has led to fanatical followers of King Iorotas and Queen Astrakia.

We begin next session at the end of the Day of Atonement before the Comet Dance where it will be Footloose all over the place.

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Vael Turog , a new NPC

The gregarious book was indeed delighted to be found by the living, again, after all this time. The book took an immediate liking of the group of adventurers and began introducing himself and the powers he has developed. He calls himself a star mage, and that the spells he holds and knows are illumination school spells. The text and deep magic nature of the spells are difficult to decipher, but the book can help immensely by reading and translating his own text aloud. Besides spells the book contains 500 pages of esoteric notes about time distance and other properties of the void.

He has said and proven that he can cast spells from his book. This is the list of spells he claimed available and mastered by him;
Dancing lights
Haunted fey aspect
Shadow bite
Shadow blindness
Detect magic
Read magic
Arcane mark
Pyrotechnics we saw this spell as he demonstrated that he himself could cast

He claimed he had other secrets that he may reveal later. He is a blessed book, the magic item, with the psyche of an ancient wizard fro the fallen city of Vael Turog.

He may allow any one spell in his book read as if it were a scroll cast at the readers caster level once per day.

He has ranks in these knowledge skills: arcana, planes, nature, ancient history, dungeoneering, spellcraft. he also can see and hear with normal human senses to a range of 30 feet.

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Review 04/18/2015 (The Impossible Tripod, Vael Turog and the Leviathan)

Our game begins in the Tomb of Koraz as we near the object of our search: the Book of Vael Turog. Protected from undead we enter a round chamber together and were greeted by a deep charismatic voice hailing us asking if we are among the living. Upon entering there was an immediate reaction by a black sphere upon an impossible tripod. After some tense moments we discovered the owner of the voice is Vael Turog, or at least his consciousness and personality in book form advising us to put the black sphere away in the glowing chest.  It was Elisa who commanded control of the sphere and put it away in the glowing box after experimenting on an undead shadow.

The book/Vael Turog was over joyed at his rescue and was very helpful in answering our queries and explaining some of his history. It was the book’s suggestion to investigate the well in the chamber and after sending Zoltan down to investigate, we lowered ourselves to a cave and a fresh water pool, some of us finding valuables, potions or as in Elisa’s case- a magical item. The twisting and turning tunnels lead us to a red-brown beach on the far side of the fallen titan- sans clerics, and were once silence ruled now was full of the clamor of undead troops marching upon us.

Vael Turog assured us as long as we read from his page 111 and the last page. Protected again with a protection from undead we patiently wait for the effects of the last spell to reveal itself. It was a deep magic spell and ancient summoning magic.

The shore recedes and waves boil as the Leviathan arrives destroying much of the docks. The great Leviathan, a creature that can traverse the void, measures some three miles long and featured typography as well as alien flora and creatures.

While the Leviathan was a welcome sight, we soon learn that it is set upon a predetermined course: due west into open waters gaining velocity along its path. Vael Turog wanted a means of escape, while many of us believe the gods are at work once again.

Learning what we can from Vael Turog as we make our way inland as we find that the book/Vael Turog can cast spells if it chooses and can supply one casting from the book once a day. It started as a blessed book, is ten pounds and comes with its own box. It is written in Deep Magic and is able to translate much of the text save for complex formulations and language of the void, space and time in to the trade tongue; containing also spells from the Illumination School.

After some time we encounter what seems to be in indigenous humanoids on the island the mongrel-men. These mongrels seem to take it upon themselves to defend or at least hold sacred a Grove and bayed us to eat the flesh of the swimming god. The flesh proved vile so we thanked them and skirted around the mongrel-grove. Along our path we were monitored by several mongrel-men, they seemed to pique Elisa’s interest.

After a few hours we began to ascend to the stone tower when the Leviathan dove into the light-less depths under the ocean. We began to notice the animal life and strange plant life before ultimately arriving to a thirty foot wide and twenty foot tall circular stone tower that was open to the sky as well as open to the flesh of the Leviathan. Odd furniture stood here and there providing a good lookout and place to rest, which was a good thing because we were attacked early that night my six ambitious mongrel-men.

They poised no challenge failing to surprise us but it did further Elisa’s curiosity. Over the next few days Orathian crafts a leather satchel for Elisa in which to carry Vael Turog and we begin to forage for food as not to rely too heavily on our rations. This leads us to a surprise encounter with a solitary mongrel-man leading us to ask the question: do we hunt the mongrels or not? We also gain an understating into the life and death cycle of the strange, intelligent and carnivorous moon flowers.

Orathian sends Zoltan to the air, to see what appears to be a clearing in the middle of their Grove where a large section of the Leviathan’s flesh is exposed as it is being cut and prepared in slashes and strips. That solidified it for Elisa who partook in the swimming god’s flesh.

Upon eating the flesh Elisa is somehow able to commune with the Leviathan who is happy and cheerful. Arnum experiences a vision of how Thor envisions the void and realizes the universe it bigger than he ever imagined.

Without the passage of day, it was impossible to know how many days had passed before the Leviathan came to a scaly wall that was the world serpent to eventually emerge from the ocean and finally into the vastness of the void and our second mythic tier. 

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Review 03/21/2015 (Queen Ilnora and The Tomb of Minotaur Prince Koraz Velesson)

We begin the session on the deck of the Speedwell in the company of Simez Rothgazzi, seemingly as a blessing from Thor to answer his prayers. He is inroute to a ship moot whereby he hoped to recruit heroes but as fate would decree, we have arrived as said heroes. Simez and most of his crew are all dragonkin.

He needs our help in requesting permission from the Bloodless Queen to open the Tomb of the Minotaur Prince Koraz Velesson on Karn’Lothra to retrieve the Ancient Book of Vael Turog, a book containing secrets to traveling the void. We also learn that Simez has insulted the Queen in the past and Captain Gullnipper would take there and to Barsella, but he has come with a tribute that he hopes will appease the Lich Queen- whose name is actually Ilnora and the Key of Veles. The Book of Vael Turog, Simez warns, is full of dangerous forgotten lore.

A few days later we arrived at the ship moot, marked by a lonely rock, were we were able sell our equipment surplus and learn a few things about Karn’Lothra and the Lich Queen Ilnora. It is a volcanic island of tombs, mausoleums, and crypts numerous beyond counting. It contains jungle, a harbor and a walled city of the dead, the City Unforgotten, slaves, as well as a race of living dead called the Darakhul. We were furthermore encouraged to conduct our business in the day-light hours.

A few days later we arrive early in the day at the bleak isle of the dead, Karn’Lothra. Obvious is the smoke wafting lazily out of the volcano but what was most alarming was the corpse of a dead titan washed ashore. Standing around the body were several clerics gyrating and gesticulating whilst chanting in unison. We were to expect the ghost-prince Deland to come for us after our arrival.

Taking in the docks we see eerily silent, unforgiving ships with black sails in port as well as slave workers who do not make eye contact, respond to conversation, but panic at any direct questioning causing them to run toward the Castle. Religious symbols, past and new decorate what is the most common theme of the island- the tombs.

As the sun –sets a figure floats toward the ship, a tattooed ghost that speaks maddeningly with arrogance, skepticism, and his dying love for Ilnora. He introduces himself as Prince Deland and hears our quest. After taking inventory of our tribute (sans the hunting dogs) Deland congratulates us and will beg for permission for our boon. (Ps. She likes mammalian blood and anything related to the culture of Ankeshel.
Queen Ilnora

The citadel Luminoth was undergoing a remodeling and comes across as strangely modern and guarded by inept barnacle-armored zombies. In the castle everything appears tall and grandiose, filled with treasures and urns of fallen cities. The throne room however was filled with gold statuary but dwarfs the company of Queen Ilnora’s court. Ilnora stood seven feet tall with a head of silver hair and cold blue skin. She opens the dialogue with a greeting and the reception of the tribute asking Elisa about each creature.

Delighted with the tribute she admits the minotaur prince is of no consequence to her and is in a relatively new tomb- 800 years gold and that the mad price will be more than happy to perform any task for his Queen.

A few hours later we see the vastness of the Queens power. It is here we learn that often times tombs and mausoleums appear with our warning to this island; and that the cleric seen earlier are in fact trying to raise the titan for Queen Ilnora to expand into the seal.

Finally we come to the Minotaur Prince Koraz Velesson’s tomb and a red door marked with black curved horns. Upon touching the Key of Veles to the door opening it immediately as we were being followed by what seemed to be a wight stalking us. We close the door behind us, noting how much time was left before daybreak, whereby everyone save for Orathian fell into a 30’ deep pit. We were then set upon by two vampiric mists.

After dispatching them and after climbing out of the pit we come to a circular chamber at the end of a long hall. The chamber is dusty and filled with thousands of insect shells as well as a tripod with a black sphere, that floated up when we arrived; and a 3’ chest filled with the Book of Vael Turog and unknown riches. However we were set on by shadows causing us to use our protection form undead scroll.

We begin next session in the chamber of the tomb of Minotaur Prince Koraz Velesson surrounded by shadows with definitely one wight and the island of undead waiting outside.

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Nargenstaal ; Epilogue

Hildigunn stood next to Skallagrim at the end of the villages simple dock, the both watching the sun settle and with it, the settling of many strange events of the past tenday. They talked quietly as they threw scraps from last evenings feast to Exeklactus, the pet giant crab that lived around the docks.

"Doesn't it bother that neither of us could feel that portal to the shadow realm?"

Skallagrim thought a bit before he answered. "Well, I don't need to tell you that it would just be the next one in a list of things we can't do anymore." The bitterness in his voice was outwieghed only by the sadness.

"The blessing of Freyr and Freja still protect this village, that was in full evidence. Your wisdom and devotion have served us all over these many years and they still do." Hildigunn reached out for the hand of her old friend, and the warmth of her touch seemed to comfort the old man.

" It is true the maiden of Sif brought us a wealth of new fresh blood into the village. It is easy to see several weddings this summer. Still, if we couldn't sense the door before they showed it to us, how do we know it isn't still there". Skallagrim was struggling to accept that strange events were just going to stop happening.

"Listen to the wind. Hear the lowing of the goats and sheep that we got back. Look into the eyes of the widows and hopeful brides of this village. All is right. The shadow door was for those strangers, and it showed here to draw them to us to avenge the Mossback Reavers. The shadow door is gone with them, perhaps even following them, forever a loop in their tapestries. Trust an old woman's intuition" She smiled warmly and looked into his eyes as she reassured him.

"The new band of warriors is most welcome. Heinrich's leadership certainly blossomed with the instruction of the great warrior Draco Morn. It is clear that his men, and all those of this village respect his strength and recognize him as a leader they will follow and respect." His voice warmed with admiration, as he also personally saw the same qualities in the ferocious northman.

The next words were spoken cautiously by Hildigunn. "Still, Loki's influence in whatever these events boil down to is troubling, don't you think? "

A long pause filled the air before he answered, but his voice and his conviction were strong. " A Lokisson founded our village, it is well that one should help defend it. May the blessings of Freyr and Freja greet every step of the journey of The Javelins Of Thor, even unto the edge of the world"

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Review 02/07/2014 (The Phantom Menace and To The Edge of The World)

Our session began a three days after our battle with the drake and with the return of Elisa and the six maidens with their new barbarian husbands. Opposite them, approaching from the nearby hills were a wave of six giants. It was eventually learned that these ‘giants’ were actually spriggan under the command of the troll-kin witch and our fey-like voice visitor in the night.
The battle was heroic; each of the barbarian husbands survived to a feast after the troll-kin’s attack. Recovered were items and weapons off the spriggan for the village: small chain shirts, halberds and short swords, but the items from the witch who was killed were ours: a magical spear, leather armor and some coin (already split up).
We decide to rest and address the shadow road on the morrow; though it's pull by this time was palatable. Our rest was interrupted however, by Arnum’s fitful laughter. Vorware rested below, but it was Elisa who flooded Arnum’s chamber with light, lessening the shadows allowing Arnum, and the rest of us, a full night’s rest.

The next morning under a stormy sky we were seen off by the village elders and stepped through the shadow door both Arnum and Vorware ceremoniously opened. The shadow road featured vague landscapes and structures too distant to discern; behind us our entry to the road disappeared into the void in our wake all while the silky voice of the elven-woman suggesting we step into the shadows. Man-sized spiders occupied the shadows off the path sometimes threatening to veer a traveler off course.

After twenty minutes a voice congratulates us as fools as we arrive before an alter surging with power and the stunning appearance of Loki and Thor themselves. On the alter are six spears in the shape of thunderbolts, symbolic weapons in the crusades to come.

Thor extends his gratitude as an irritated Loki looks on and offers his own word of compliment. Thor goes on to explain that a team of mortals must be assembled to perform certain key holy events. Loki: Events to venerate Loki and Thor in the south lands versus ‘false-name’ gods wearing masks. Thor: The threads of fate are being woven and a rising threat is coming but is still in the shadows. He further indicates our crusades will expose this phantom menace.

Each of us take up one of the Javelins of Thor and are engulfed in a quickening marking us with the sign of Thor - our moment of ascension
Produce Lightning (Su): Once per day as a ranged touch attack the touched individual can produce lightning causing 1d6 points of damage +1/CL. There is no save or spell resistance against this attack. 

After the quickening spiders emerge from the shadows and hoist us on their backs and transport us to our first task: answering the prayers of Simez Rothgazzi of the Tower of the High Order of Geomancers, a handsome and well decorated man of Thor. He needs our help in requesting permission to open the Tomb of Koraz in/on Karn’Lothra to retrieve the Ancient Book of Vael Turog. We were also awarded 2,400 xp and

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Review 01/20/2015 (The Donkey, a Giant Crab, the Forest Drake and an Illusionary Bucket)

With most of the men of Nargenstal deceased save for three, it was the elders that the villagers looked to, and the elders to us for guidance and purpose. Among the male survivors were Leiknr and Hlodvir, both stone and woodcrafters, and Skallagrim a proud adept who venerate both Freyja and Feyr. The elderly mothers, Hildagunn and Fastvi gathered us together to discuss several things.

Over or palaver we put together was that the shaman likely recruited the ogres for Viking style raids looking for the Javalins of Thor, and that old Nargenstal is positioned for ship forays across the sea to the south. What was left of the Moss-back reavers after our attack had likely fled back into the wilderness.

We revealed the Shadow Door to the elders who were surprised, both Hildagunn and Skallagrim recognized it as a Shadow Door but did not know of this phenomena.  Orathian was successfully able to open it himself whereby it opened into a druidic seeing pool including a path, just like the other times it opened although the setting was different.

Meanwhile Sven Seithr investigates other areas under the Inn observing what poor supply the food was in. He also came across three old headstones of the founders of Nargenstal that read:
Captain Hengir Lokison- Beloved of the Fishing god.
Mottia Almasdottir- Daughter of Sif and beloved of Freyja.
Thornar Von Runkelstad- Mage and Smith. Eye of Volund.

That night the five elders call for everyone to stay at the Inn, as there is safety in numbers. Evening watch is established and the next morning arrives uneventful to a sorrowful day as the dead are identified and counted. Elisa Berit gathers the most comely and skillful of the women, gathers the horses, and rides off to deliver the horses and hopefully lure men to Nargenstal to rebuild the community.

Voreware Undhin gathers and utilizes the children to begin barricading the Inn and setting up simple alarms. Orathian takes stock of food reserves and speaks of slaughtering the only remaining beast- the donkey, Draco works with Leiknr and Hlodvir to modify some of the large weapons down to size, and Arnum sits down with Skallagrim.

Unconvinced the adept and Hildagunn were completely forthcoming, Skallagrim admitted to Arnum he withheld a valued Nargenstal resource: a diadem that was linked to the village ‘pet’ a giant crab. Skallagrim was apologetic and embarrassed.

Around noon we were told that ten people were still missing and unaccounted for: a fisherman on his boat has not been seen since the raid, as well as a missing family of six, and three neighborhood adolescents; and the oxen and various livestock.

Thinking the family is more of a priority, we pack up the donkey and visit their home to find that they left to harvest honeycombs in the forest four to five days ago. Orathian has Ghost pick up the wife’s scent which leads us unerringly to the woods whereby Ghost picks up on another scent- a predator.

After much skillful reconnaissance we track how the Robinsons were ambushed and killed by a large forest drake that now slept peacefully sated. With the advantage of surprise we converged on the drake. It was able to utilize his breath weapon, but after Sven's brilliant use of a silent image spell, creating an illusion of a bucket over the drake's head, the creature was outlasted and killed at the end of Draco’s large braced spear.

The rest of the day, Draco and Orathian harvested the large forest drake’s meat (400 lbs) and hide enough for a medium sized suit of hide armor and shield. We also were found in a nearby lair a masterwork great axe, which Draco took; and one other undefined masterwork martial weapon. After fixing a skiff to Old Number-Seven we transported the meat and hide back to Nargenstal.

That night was celebrated with relaxed food rations and general good feelings. At around 3 am, during Draco’s watch, Orathian suddenly awoke to bouts of laughter for the briefest of moments. Down the hall, Voreware is also awakened by his own manacle laughter. Nothing else happened that night, however Ghost indicated a female scent, isolated and in each of our sleeping areas.

The next morning we ask and discover villagers were not affected by the strange laughter effect overnight. We split up today, Arnum plans on a day of prayer and fasting while the rest of us- Orathian, Voreware, Drago, and Sven Seithr venture out with Ghost looking for the rest of the missing people.

At the end of the day we pieced together that the adolescents must be with the missing boater, possibly held up on one of the small islands nearby. We did however find and bring back a dozen oxen and livestock of Nargenstal, which made the donkey very happy.
Arnum, during his fast and prayers, receives an image of a tapestry on a loom that is no moving, possibly indicating our fates are not yet woven. In his meditations Arnum learns the Shadow Door is new and was why the shaman and the Dampier converged on Nargenstal. He also learns that this new Shadow Door was a result of Loki and Thor working together.

That evening Voreware accommodates the entirety of the evening’s watch hoping for a repeat of last night’s phenomena. As it turns out during the night Arnum suddenly awakes in a fit of idiotic laughter, as does Voreware and Orathian who also laugh fitfully; however, they also hear a female elven voice say, “They are coming, I am bringing them.”

This phenomena repeats for the next two nights during which Orathian and Draco work 32 hours on the forest drake hide armor and after which Elisa is due back with her Estrogen Riders. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Loki's Laughter

Loki's balls! This band i find myself teamed with are a frustrating lot! Vikings who fear the sea and hide in the shadows during a fight so as not to be injured! We shall not live forever, better to die as a viking than as a cowardly southlander. I for one will spend my next two days working in a forge and my nights feasting, drinking and fucking. All Hail Wotan!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Nargenstal wrap up

This is to serve as a game note to record numbers killed and treasure gathered. If these numbers are different from what I said saturday night, this post is meant to be the record. Let me know of discrepancies, though.

Killed: 14 kobolds, 2 trollkin warriors,  1 ogre, and 1 dhampir hunter.
Escaped: 14 kobolds, 1 trollkin warrior, 1 trollkin shaman although these escaped, full XP will be awarded
Treasure awarded
     light warhorse
     compound longbow +3 strength bonus
     20 arrows
     hide armor
Trollkin warriors
     2 leather armor
     2 longspears
     6 javelins
     +1 large longspear
     3 large throwing axes
     large size hide armor
     14 slings, with 50 lead bullets, and a bunch of rocks
     14 medium sized daggers
     14 small sized spears
     14 small sized leather armor
all the above had a few coins in a pouch, after all it is a reaving party.
after some random rolls a total of 162 cp, 66 sp, and 12 gp were found amongst the reavers.
The villagers reward the party with 200 sp.
this list does not include the orog encounter at the outpost, that is detailed in an earlier review.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Machinations of Loki

The quiet whirring of gears and minuscule piston-drives busily rotating and churning out what looks like life from automatons and clock-works constructs is the back ground noise of most of Asgard, emanating from the palaces, homes, bridges and constructions. Huge machines rotated nonstop, providing constant power to the physical and magical gridirons of the realms. Mechanical messengers buzzed back and forth in the open starlit areas between holds and castles. All the clicking and clacking blended to make a soothing drone that Loki took great pleasure in. Seated across the chess board was a personal construct, a gift given him not long ago. The clockwork was quite advanced, with a speciality in strategy games and logic.  It was created with an intelligence to learn patterns of opponents and evolve plans, mainly in chess.  It was a mastercraft construct, built on equations and principles that were stringently rigid, a paragon of true harmonious law. Loki had spent weeks locked in strategic combat with the automaton, an ebb and flow of wins and losses flowing like tides. But the last few hours, the feel was different. People had begun to gather to watch a game of growing legend, and Loki called for a pause. He implored the construct to consider that they had played to a stalemate, and they had only one choice to declare one a better master of strategy- change one rule in the game, play one game. The best player will make the adjustment to win. The spirit within the clock-man was intrigued, and agreed. Loki would make one rule change, and the clockwork would have first turn.after three hours, the clock-man was starting to overheat, but neither man had achieved an advantage.  In six hours, loud squeals and squeaks had turned to a cacophony as the clock-work was under extreme stress trying to win a game that had been sabotaged by Loki.  The rule change put it so that it was practically impossible to not end in a tie. Loki laughed as it was torn apart by it own rules and laws.

It was a clever Sif who saw the reality of what Loki had done. He changed one rule, halfway through an arranged plan, and the entire construct, the whole exercise completely fell apart. She watched Loki laugh maniacally, just as happy to destroy the construct as he was to own it.

This was the lesson Sif was thinking of when Thor first told her of Loki's plan to build a team of Nortlander Raiders to spread and strengthen their masks in the southlands. That was a reasonable and believable reason to commit to mortal heroes, to be sure. But what was the second part of the plan? Why did he need this team of mythic heroes?