Sunday, February 8, 2015

Nargenstaal ; Epilogue

Hildigunn stood next to Skallagrim at the end of the villages simple dock, the both watching the sun settle and with it, the settling of many strange events of the past tenday. They talked quietly as they threw scraps from last evenings feast to Exeklactus, the pet giant crab that lived around the docks.

"Doesn't it bother that neither of us could feel that portal to the shadow realm?"

Skallagrim thought a bit before he answered. "Well, I don't need to tell you that it would just be the next one in a list of things we can't do anymore." The bitterness in his voice was outwieghed only by the sadness.

"The blessing of Freyr and Freja still protect this village, that was in full evidence. Your wisdom and devotion have served us all over these many years and they still do." Hildigunn reached out for the hand of her old friend, and the warmth of her touch seemed to comfort the old man.

" It is true the maiden of Sif brought us a wealth of new fresh blood into the village. It is easy to see several weddings this summer. Still, if we couldn't sense the door before they showed it to us, how do we know it isn't still there". Skallagrim was struggling to accept that strange events were just going to stop happening.

"Listen to the wind. Hear the lowing of the goats and sheep that we got back. Look into the eyes of the widows and hopeful brides of this village. All is right. The shadow door was for those strangers, and it showed here to draw them to us to avenge the Mossback Reavers. The shadow door is gone with them, perhaps even following them, forever a loop in their tapestries. Trust an old woman's intuition" She smiled warmly and looked into his eyes as she reassured him.

"The new band of warriors is most welcome. Heinrich's leadership certainly blossomed with the instruction of the great warrior Draco Morn. It is clear that his men, and all those of this village respect his strength and recognize him as a leader they will follow and respect." His voice warmed with admiration, as he also personally saw the same qualities in the ferocious northman.

The next words were spoken cautiously by Hildigunn. "Still, Loki's influence in whatever these events boil down to is troubling, don't you think? "

A long pause filled the air before he answered, but his voice and his conviction were strong. " A Lokisson founded our village, it is well that one should help defend it. May the blessings of Freyr and Freja greet every step of the journey of The Javelins Of Thor, even unto the edge of the world"

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  1. I promoted the tough barbarian. Just ignore the race, treat him as a human with weapon focus great axe as his bonus human feat. everything else is close enough not to matter. thanks JC for the inspiration to put a link to the npc page from SRD