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Review 02/07/2014 (The Phantom Menace and To The Edge of The World)

Our session began a three days after our battle with the drake and with the return of Elisa and the six maidens with their new barbarian husbands. Opposite them, approaching from the nearby hills were a wave of six giants. It was eventually learned that these ‘giants’ were actually spriggan under the command of the troll-kin witch and our fey-like voice visitor in the night.
The battle was heroic; each of the barbarian husbands survived to a feast after the troll-kin’s attack. Recovered were items and weapons off the spriggan for the village: small chain shirts, halberds and short swords, but the items from the witch who was killed were ours: a magical spear, leather armor and some coin (already split up).
We decide to rest and address the shadow road on the morrow; though it's pull by this time was palatable. Our rest was interrupted however, by Arnum’s fitful laughter. Vorware rested below, but it was Elisa who flooded Arnum’s chamber with light, lessening the shadows allowing Arnum, and the rest of us, a full night’s rest.

The next morning under a stormy sky we were seen off by the village elders and stepped through the shadow door both Arnum and Vorware ceremoniously opened. The shadow road featured vague landscapes and structures too distant to discern; behind us our entry to the road disappeared into the void in our wake all while the silky voice of the elven-woman suggesting we step into the shadows. Man-sized spiders occupied the shadows off the path sometimes threatening to veer a traveler off course.

After twenty minutes a voice congratulates us as fools as we arrive before an alter surging with power and the stunning appearance of Loki and Thor themselves. On the alter are six spears in the shape of thunderbolts, symbolic weapons in the crusades to come.

Thor extends his gratitude as an irritated Loki looks on and offers his own word of compliment. Thor goes on to explain that a team of mortals must be assembled to perform certain key holy events. Loki: Events to venerate Loki and Thor in the south lands versus ‘false-name’ gods wearing masks. Thor: The threads of fate are being woven and a rising threat is coming but is still in the shadows. He further indicates our crusades will expose this phantom menace.

Each of us take up one of the Javelins of Thor and are engulfed in a quickening marking us with the sign of Thor - our moment of ascension
Produce Lightning (Su): Once per day as a ranged touch attack the touched individual can produce lightning causing 1d6 points of damage +1/CL. There is no save or spell resistance against this attack. 

After the quickening spiders emerge from the shadows and hoist us on their backs and transport us to our first task: answering the prayers of Simez Rothgazzi of the Tower of the High Order of Geomancers, a handsome and well decorated man of Thor. He needs our help in requesting permission to open the Tomb of Koraz in/on Karn’Lothra to retrieve the Ancient Book of Vael Turog. We were also awarded 2,400 xp and

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