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Review 03/21/2015 (Queen Ilnora and The Tomb of Minotaur Prince Koraz Velesson)

We begin the session on the deck of the Speedwell in the company of Simez Rothgazzi, seemingly as a blessing from Thor to answer his prayers. He is inroute to a ship moot whereby he hoped to recruit heroes but as fate would decree, we have arrived as said heroes. Simez and most of his crew are all dragonkin.

He needs our help in requesting permission from the Bloodless Queen to open the Tomb of the Minotaur Prince Koraz Velesson on Karn’Lothra to retrieve the Ancient Book of Vael Turog, a book containing secrets to traveling the void. We also learn that Simez has insulted the Queen in the past and Captain Gullnipper would take there and to Barsella, but he has come with a tribute that he hopes will appease the Lich Queen- whose name is actually Ilnora and the Key of Veles. The Book of Vael Turog, Simez warns, is full of dangerous forgotten lore.

A few days later we arrived at the ship moot, marked by a lonely rock, were we were able sell our equipment surplus and learn a few things about Karn’Lothra and the Lich Queen Ilnora. It is a volcanic island of tombs, mausoleums, and crypts numerous beyond counting. It contains jungle, a harbor and a walled city of the dead, the City Unforgotten, slaves, as well as a race of living dead called the Darakhul. We were furthermore encouraged to conduct our business in the day-light hours.

A few days later we arrive early in the day at the bleak isle of the dead, Karn’Lothra. Obvious is the smoke wafting lazily out of the volcano but what was most alarming was the corpse of a dead titan washed ashore. Standing around the body were several clerics gyrating and gesticulating whilst chanting in unison. We were to expect the ghost-prince Deland to come for us after our arrival.

Taking in the docks we see eerily silent, unforgiving ships with black sails in port as well as slave workers who do not make eye contact, respond to conversation, but panic at any direct questioning causing them to run toward the Castle. Religious symbols, past and new decorate what is the most common theme of the island- the tombs.

As the sun –sets a figure floats toward the ship, a tattooed ghost that speaks maddeningly with arrogance, skepticism, and his dying love for Ilnora. He introduces himself as Prince Deland and hears our quest. After taking inventory of our tribute (sans the hunting dogs) Deland congratulates us and will beg for permission for our boon. (Ps. She likes mammalian blood and anything related to the culture of Ankeshel.
Queen Ilnora

The citadel Luminoth was undergoing a remodeling and comes across as strangely modern and guarded by inept barnacle-armored zombies. In the castle everything appears tall and grandiose, filled with treasures and urns of fallen cities. The throne room however was filled with gold statuary but dwarfs the company of Queen Ilnora’s court. Ilnora stood seven feet tall with a head of silver hair and cold blue skin. She opens the dialogue with a greeting and the reception of the tribute asking Elisa about each creature.

Delighted with the tribute she admits the minotaur prince is of no consequence to her and is in a relatively new tomb- 800 years gold and that the mad price will be more than happy to perform any task for his Queen.

A few hours later we see the vastness of the Queens power. It is here we learn that often times tombs and mausoleums appear with our warning to this island; and that the cleric seen earlier are in fact trying to raise the titan for Queen Ilnora to expand into the seal.

Finally we come to the Minotaur Prince Koraz Velesson’s tomb and a red door marked with black curved horns. Upon touching the Key of Veles to the door opening it immediately as we were being followed by what seemed to be a wight stalking us. We close the door behind us, noting how much time was left before daybreak, whereby everyone save for Orathian fell into a 30’ deep pit. We were then set upon by two vampiric mists.

After dispatching them and after climbing out of the pit we come to a circular chamber at the end of a long hall. The chamber is dusty and filled with thousands of insect shells as well as a tripod with a black sphere, that floated up when we arrived; and a 3’ chest filled with the Book of Vael Turog and unknown riches. However we were set on by shadows causing us to use our protection form undead scroll.

We begin next session in the chamber of the tomb of Minotaur Prince Koraz Velesson surrounded by shadows with definitely one wight and the island of undead waiting outside.

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  1. Just one note- Simez, the wizard geomancer, is a human, who hired Capt. Gullnipper and his ship. The captain and crew are all dragon kin, but Simez, whom you hope to meet again in the port city of Barsella, is a human. Also he departed the ship at the moot, sailing back to Barsellaa to await your success.