Saturday, May 23, 2015

Review 05/23/2015 (The Star Citadel, Ephemeral Elves, and the Immortal Court)

Our session begins in the midst of interstellar travel riding a space-whale into the void where mists seem to sustain travelers along what we surmise is the ethereal plane. As we travel the Leviathan’s exertion become less labored as we soar through the starry landscape. Below upon the back of the beast, mongrel men danced their mythic ritual under the void.

Some of us decide it was finally time to eat of the godsflesh in an attempt to glean our destination or anything else; what we experienced were disjointed lucid visions of elation and aspirations of a higher form. After a time the book/Vael Turog points out four motes of light following our path. Elisa thinks them like angels but were revealed to be Lantern Archons, one of which descends to extend his welcome, translated through Vael Turog. The Archons express gratitude for the Leviathan and that we will be received by King Iorotas and Queen Astrakia who are immortal rulers of the Palace of One Million Stars when we arrive. After their visit they fly down to the mongrel-men, only to observe it seemed.

A unknown time later we came to the Star Citadel, a huge radiant six-pointed castle like a star in space by which the Leviathan began a slow lazy orbit around. We were approached by a unique winged being Captain Elushiel who wears a star-metal amulet and welcomes our tribute of the Leviathan; assuming that we command the beast and the creatures upon it and requests that we bring the Leviathan onto the beach. Elushiel sees our actions to be attempting to do just that and departs hoping to see us after we beach the creature. Arnum Stormcloak attempts to coax the beast into port after eating the godsflesh but after two hours of trying the Leviathan resisted but Arnum was able to see to getting in close to the Palace Citadel. Vorware Undhin flies us over one at a time before the Leviathan bumps the Star Citadel.

Finding ourselves on a balcony we find that this structure was made for fliers, all about we see strange Auger Kition guards, star-bearer ancients and inevitables who reside in and around the Citadel. Free from the Leviathan who seemed to have its own planer characteristics, we discover so too did the Citadel's environment allowing us to breathe normally.
It was not long before Elushiel returns with concern regarding the Leviathan. Elisa relays our entire story up to now, with Vael Turog translating for us. We were asked about the mongrel men and our purpose, to which we explain we are spreading the truenames of Thor and Loki to the southern lands of Midguard. He refers to us as ‘holy-warriors’ and acknowledges each of our faiths: Sif, Thor, Loki, Tyr, and the Earth Goddess. We are introduced to our handeler, an elf and starbearer named Levontelin who delights in speaking through Vael Turog.

Food and beverages are provided inducing the lucid visions of ecstasy but for some of us we notice the urge to consume more even without hunger. We are taken to the Courtyard and shown the various named halls and rooms. We are shown the beach were we learn the reality of the Leviathan’s danger of being slaughtered for consumption. We finally make it to the Armory of the Heavens and the Hound Archon Carresland. This attracted the curiosity of Arnum Stormcloak and Draco Morn who choose to remain until the royal court was ready to receive us.

Vorware Undhin, Orathian Bjomolf, and Elisa Berit returned to the Courtyard where Elisa had a run-in with a Midgard elf, Lady Sorreminx who seemed to take offense at the propagandized history of the elves retreat from Midgard. Levontelin tells us of our arrival on the eve of the Day of Atonement and the Comet Dance- holy days of silence, contemplation or independent worship. Besides the Priestess Mydella of the Starry Lovers there is another, a temple of Hecate who keeps good relations with the church of Veles (the world serpent of which we have the Key). Eventually Arnum and Draco were brought back and we were gathered before Elushiel who states that the King and Queen will receive us.

Joining hands with Elushiel we fly to a portal lined in star-metal and enter the Vault of Heaven, a vast chamber without gravity or direction. Two pillars of light wearing robes and awe inspiring dignified masks floated in the vault. Elushiel introduces us and when the immortals respond they do so in unison and with all their senses. They ask for the Leviathan, but it was not ours to give. After some group discussion Elushiel suggests utilizing the Day of Atonement to consider their choices. Give them the Leviathan with the hopes they can return us to Midgard or was there another way to Midgard.

It became apparent to us and Vael Turog that these individuals on the Star Citadel were dependent on the lucid effects of the Leviathan’s godsflesh which has led to fanatical followers of King Iorotas and Queen Astrakia.

We begin next session at the end of the Day of Atonement before the Comet Dance where it will be Footloose all over the place.


  1. One note. Although the book was necesary for speaking with most inhabitants, Captain Elushiel was able to converse with you directly. Worth noting is that the hound archon, and the King and queen were the only other ones you were able to converse with without the help of Vael Turog.

  2. Also, priestess Mydell is a cleric of Hecate, to whom the temple of starry lovers is dedicated. That temple is the only temple at the citadel, and she is known to be friendly with the church of Veles, or Jormungander as you know the world serpent.

  3. A note for future reference neither Vorware Undhin or Arnum Stormcloak have eaten any godflesh or sustenance from this place or leviathan.