Sunday, April 19, 2015

Vael Turog , a new NPC

The gregarious book was indeed delighted to be found by the living, again, after all this time. The book took an immediate liking of the group of adventurers and began introducing himself and the powers he has developed. He calls himself a star mage, and that the spells he holds and knows are illumination school spells. The text and deep magic nature of the spells are difficult to decipher, but the book can help immensely by reading and translating his own text aloud. Besides spells the book contains 500 pages of esoteric notes about time distance and other properties of the void.

He has said and proven that he can cast spells from his book. This is the list of spells he claimed available and mastered by him;
Dancing lights
Haunted fey aspect
Shadow bite
Shadow blindness
Detect magic
Read magic
Arcane mark
Pyrotechnics we saw this spell as he demonstrated that he himself could cast

He claimed he had other secrets that he may reveal later. He is a blessed book, the magic item, with the psyche of an ancient wizard fro the fallen city of Vael Turog.

He may allow any one spell in his book read as if it were a scroll cast at the readers caster level once per day.

He has ranks in these knowledge skills: arcana, planes, nature, ancient history, dungeoneering, spellcraft. he also can see and hear with normal human senses to a range of 30 feet.

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