Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ten Crimes and Punishments

Punishments for violent crimes in Korvosa are harsh, but the general populace considers them fair.
Non-violent crimes carry differing punishments depending on the disposition of the criminal

The following selections of crimes and their punishments (listed in order they are applied) should not be construed as all-inclusive. Korvosa’s legal code fills multiple thick volumes.

Crime                                              Punishments
Treason                  Torture, death; no appeal
Murder                   Torture, death; no appeal
Rape                      Torture and castration, imprisonment (10–20 years), death; no appeal
Armed Robbery     Pay restitution or lose a hand, imprisonment (10–20 years)
Arson                     Pay restitution or branding, imprisonment (10+ years); plus murder charge if fire kills
Unionizing               Branding, imprisonment (5–10 years); no appeal
Accidental Death    Pay restitution or torture, imprisonment (5–8 years)
Robbery (T)           Pay restitution or lose a hand, imprisonment (2–10 years), pay restitution
Drug Use               Imprisonment (4–6 months pre-trial, plus 2–3 years if guilty)
Burglary (T)           Pay restitution, imprisonment (1–2 years)

(T)  A member of the Cerulean Society (thieves’ guild) or a registered gang can expect to receive a lighter sentence of around half the common punishment for these crimes than does a freelancer, depending on the crime in question.

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