Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Flame and Fire

I pray we find Zellara’s cottage still standing, we did not just deliver these children from Gaderon Lamm only to lose them somewhere in Korvosa along the way. Something has obviously happened in the city; fires burn and people are reacting dangerously, but we cannot act on these turn of events without risking the children.

While everyone else searched the fishery, I organized the orphans for the journey through the city to Zellara’s home. Not counting Kester and Reda, Gaderon’s personal… whatever, there were eight others—four boys and four girls. 

At the time I did not see it, but soon realized this is when the flame kindled began between Kester and Reda as my thoughts were too occupied with trying to find Calla—my sister.

Kester was visibly relaxed when I relieved him of the younger eight where by he instantly moved to comfort Reda who accepted his company companionably. I never heard them speak, though I now believe they communicate on a deeper emotional level.

The others kids ranged in age from ten to fifteen, Kester and Reda being the oldest. Each child appeared sick from a mild disease due to the poor conditions of the fishery. Knowing we must eventually ask these kids some difficult questions as to what course to take next; I decided to make them as comfortable as possible, so I quickly learned their names:

The boys: Alstard, Olwulf, Ferther, and Eatwynd. *Alstard and Olwulf I discover are brothers while Ferther and Eatwynd are from the same part of Korvosa. The girls: Arior, Burhiue, Hilda, and Brine Awlyn. *Eatwynd and Burhiue are siblings; Arior is the youngest of the children; Hilda is the sickest; and finally Brine Awlyn is a foreigner and does not or cannot talk.

Preparing to set fire to the fishery, I hear a small voice from behind me, “Is he dead? Is that disgusting beast dead?” Reda said, Kester’s arms wrapped protectively around her.

I turned to face everyone, “Yes Reda, the lambs no longer need to fear the wolf.”


  1. You haven't made it to Zellara’s home, we ended with you guys gathering the children at the Old Fishery. Also I named the girl Oma from the name sheet, that can be easily changed to the name you have provided, Reda. If you wish to set fire to the Old Fishery we can do that at the start of the night Wednesday.