Tuesday, October 23, 2012

If magic is art....

"If magic is art,then summoning is inspired science"
Gremon Noh
Summons Lector, Academy
Zandu reeled a bit as he took in the scene after it ended. He remembered hauling Sterk's massive frame out of the maw of the shit-monster from the previous night's adventure. Watching as panicked commoners fled for safety, he realized that Sterk was probably the only witness to his fantastic death grapple with the now visibly pulverized imp. He also thought they were the only ones to see the woman taken into the filth below. When he heard the high pitched scream, he knew instantly a wizard nearby was suddenly bereft of his familiar. The sound reminded  Zandu of his lessons at the Academy....

The instructors at Academy place an elevated status to the school of conjuration/summoning magics, which is typical of all Chelaxian colleges. Wizards who have drawn their training from Chelaxian tutors know summons spells as very complex endeavors that involve personal attachment , and sometimes the need to strike a bargain. That is why they take longer than other spells to cast. Even when teaching rudimentary preparation for summonings, professors have an eye toward the high level summonings they hope to see their pupils master. The goal is to summon the same individual monster every time you cast and call forth a summoned creature of its type. Instructors stress the importance of consistency in the language used and the target of a summoning. It takes tremendous concentration and talent to do that well, but those who do are strongly encouraged to specialize as summoners. Many students name the creatures they learn to summon, and there are many superstitions and "understood practices" regarding how casters treat the familiar creatures they summon forth from the outer planes. All of this laid the groundwork for being trained to negotiate with devils, and to a lesser extent demons, in complicated diabolical summonings. Skilled summoners are able to reliably call the same creatures forth, and reward their favorites with trinkets or food. Zandu's favorite creature to summon was a dog he had named Kush. He was a large, fierce dog, a rottwieller by breed, and he loved to fight. He also loved cooked meat, and he grown to show genuine subservience to Zandu, who always treated him with a variety of cooked treats.

Zandu shook himself from reverie, and again took stock of the last 24 hours. Although Sterk was terrifyingly devoid of emotion during the do-or-die battles of the past day, his frustration was hurled toward his companions like tossed hammers. The streets were open warfare, with the riots causing unchecked chaos. Danger was everywhere, and he could not protect the group and survive another barrage of attacks by himself. Zandu smiled as he remembered his old friend. Maybe it was time to bring Kush out into the sun a little more often. He'd have to get some roast meat.

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