Friday, October 19, 2012

Tale of Two Clerics

Shadowy cracks in the ground formed like black veins that steadily spread and grew into ruination as the otyugh burrowed its way out of the sewers and into the burning riotous streets. 

The creature made a noise that made me think: this is what it sounds like to gargle sharp rocks or something worse... bones mayhap. The sound frightened all the children, it was all tentacles and teeth. Separated from Lem, Sterk and Zandu, I needed to get the kids to safety and not just through this encounter but long enough from them to emotionally recover from the horror received from Lamm and eventually to suitable accommodations.

Leading the children around the stables and the attached building I remembered a story I once herd...

Gage Duell was a cleric of Abadar and high priest of ceremonies for the Master of the First Vault festival in Korvosa. He and a cleric of Sarenrae, Saige Cammer were unified in divine purpose to provide aid and succor to the rising homeless and abandoned children in the city. Many of whom arrived with parents in the hopes of starting a new prosperous life.

Having both come from the streets themselves, Gage and Saige intimately knew the dangers of the streets: gangs, roaming monsters, and of course undead. They also were aware of a high probability of these youngsters becoming whores, rogues, or even panhandlers thereby swelling the numbers of Korvosa's thieves guild.

The two clerics’ solution would serve to address two problems facing the city by curbing the growth of the city’s thief’s guild and hopefully transform these young people into productive members of Korvosan society as Gage and Saige achieved.

Together, the clerics Gage Duell  and Saige Cammer petitioned the Crimson Throne to create state-run orphanages to which the two churches of Abadar and Sarenrae would work together, along with the city, to assure the children received proper care and a remedial education. 

… Circumventing the building I discovered Sterk standing toe to toe with vicious otyugh; the creature was repulsive and smelled even worse. Above and along the roof tops Lem barraged the creature with sensory attacks while Zandu shot missile after magic missile from his wand.

I believe the Fate of Pharasma will assure our victories long enough to see these children to the orphanages I recall hearing about. 


  1. Info on orphanages is on page 31 in the Guide to Korvosa.

  2. Well Done Sir (say it in Jonny Carson voice)

  3. Note that I did not indicate when Cage and Saige approached the Throne. :)