Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Neutrality In Chaos

“Oh I’m sure I can find a task for these youngins to be sure Inquisitor Bordana, don’t ye doubt.” The dwarf Zargoza said with a wink.

It was comforting to recall that moment as we strode up Field Marshal Avenue to Castle Korvosa. The children would be safe, for now at least. 

Overhead and more so between the Castle and the Acadamae, hundreds of Imps and Pseudo-dragons darkened the sky with their mysterious winged errands fueling the chaos that already had the city in its grasp…

Something bothers me about Queen Ileosa and I cannot put a finger on it; perhaps because the Queen's speech sounded rehearsed and insincere in my eyes. I feel as if we are being sent to the gallows, figuratively speaking. I think it EXTREMELY unusual that we find the Queen absent her handmaidens, guards, advisers, court magicians, and the like. With the city in chaos, burning in some areas, and people rioting in the streets I would have presumed the Queen would be surrounded by such individuals offering advice and giving her constant updates in this time of crisis.

Yes the city is in need of aid, capable heroes, but my friends and I are barely capable of dispatching a swarm of mutant spiders and an enraged otyugh to say nothing of meeting the scores of hostile citizens who are displeased at the change of leadership. It is as if we are being sent to die. I want to take a neutral position in these events. 
I fear that taking up arms against the citizenry of Korvosa will brand us as enemies of the people. What was the old saying? Hundreds of people cannot be wrong. 

Is there treachery and if so are we to be in league with such deceitfulness against the citizens of Korvosa? And just where the hell is my sister? 

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