Sunday, December 21, 2014

Review 12/20/2014 (Ruins, Horses, Nargenstal)

It was only an ogre. 
A short time after the Spring Gathering, where agreements are met and feuds are settled our new group of travelers met up at a central meeting landmark. Our ppurpose was to travel to Nargenstal and retrieve two horses each; the fruition of deals brokered two seasons ago. We come together not as strangers but as acquaintances having seeing each other before maybe once or twice a season.  

Vorware Undhin, a trickster of Loki. Elisa Berit, the lovely Bard. Draco Morn, expert fighter. Arnum Stormcloak, cleric of Thor. Orathian Bjomolf a pack lord Durid.

Together as we traveled closer to Nargenstal, exchanging stories of the Ice-Spiders with its blood that won’t freeze and who’s venom freezes its victims we come to a crossroads equidistant from Nargenstal to the south east and some ruins to the south west. We decide to boldly stride head-long to unknown dangers and the smell of cooking horses.
First Orog kill and fist to fall. 

At the ruins we encounter three orogs and an ogre who have managed to escape with some horses (our horses) from Nargenstal (which we later learned is sacked). Thanks to Draco, who felled the original orog, Elisa who with her bow dropped the other two orogs, while Arnum put the ferocious ogre down staining the ruins with its blood.

Gathering what resources we could: 1 large sets of hide armor, 4 large javelins, 3 set of half plate, 3 great axes, 20 normal javelins, 3 composite short bows str +2, 120 arrows, and some silver that we immediately split up we camped.

The day was late so we dumped the bodies into the sea and rested before our full day travel to Nargenstal. On the road we discover evidence that Nargenstal has been sacked. Leaving our 5-7 horses in a couple of near-by hovels we scout further, Orathian sending his wolf Ghost out to great effect.

Soon we came across an old man named Ottur. Ottur is a man in his 40s who was over joyed at seeing anything other than the creatures that sacked his home. He described the reaving raiders as
Felled two Orogs with her amazing archery skill. 
mixed races who killed the men and took the women and children who are held up in the Great Barn. They seemed to be led by a giant or ogre, 'tall as a house' Ottur claimed, and was aided by dragon-kin (kobolds). Two days ago the Moss Back Reavers came but also with a mysterious ‘hunter’ who was looking for something.

He mentions two cowards from Nargenstal, Svakia a human ‘singer’ and Duminac a dwarf; but he was out looking for his lost pigs. We told him of the hovels back up the path and to heed the care of our horses until our return, to which he happily agreed.

After a half hour of scouting we conclude Nargenstal was a community of 40-50 individuals, fishermen and such. There was the Great Barn and a place called the Frost Maiden where the giant/ogre sees over 3 troll-kins, and the kobolds.

We begin next session with a wet offensive coming in through Valfish Bay Bitches!


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