Sunday, December 21, 2014

Orathian Bjomolf

Orathian Bjomolf wandered away from his home at the young age of nine while following a white wolf cub. Lost and alone Orathian and Ghost was, over the years, raised by the kindness of an community of northlanders learning how to tan hide and craft leather goods. Starting as a warrior, training with many of other boys, his love of nature and his survival instincts however continually led him and his animal companion into the wilds of Midguard where many others feared to go.

Over the next ten years Orathien watched Ghost grow to become a cunning hunter and steadfast companion. This however never sat well with most of the local people who each year either hoped the wolf would run off or be killed by the folly of one of the gods.

His hand at leathercraft and animal handing earned him a reasonable honest wage and everything was well until one of the villagers took it upon himself to frame Ghost for killing his live stock. It was an obvious lie, but it was all that was needed to get the majority of people to support the claim that Ghost was a threat.

That was earlier this winter, now nineteen, Orathien has abandoned the path of common warrior to becoming a pack lord druid. Now with his companion Ghost, and his new friends, Orathien travels headlong bravely to their destiny.

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