Wednesday, November 7, 2012

This City...

The taint of Korvosa has infected the populace, the throne, and mayhap the Queen as well. It is a green corruption that has infected people’s attitudes and actions. Unfortunately many have not noticed the subtle ways society has degraded because it pervades their daily lives. It is a meager existence and is just the way things are. What is evil and abhorrent in my eyes may not be so to low-men like Lamm and Vancaskerkin. That does not vindicate them or excuse their actions… no, never in life.

Normally it is my calling as inquisitor to track enemies of Pharasma and to hunt down and destroy the abominable undead; however, this pollution… in Korvosan society resides in their blood and compels me to broaden my customary ways. I still maintain reservations about Queen Ileosa, but there yet remains a universal adversary: the people themselves, the ‘infected’ citizens of Korvosa. With gangrenous corruption deeply rooted in some people, Lamm… Vancaskerkin, they have become the enemy.

 I tell you now; I have no remorse for killing the Cow-hammer boys and in truth deem the lives of others like them forfeited. I answer to none but Pharasma and what abides the gaze of my judgment.

“I name this dagger Bloodletting. May it aid me in cleansing the infection and give me prophesy into vile acts so that I may bring to an end the evil that has unbalanced the city. Praise-be Goddess of Fate.”

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