Thursday, November 22, 2012

Practice What You Preach

I have read that some Inquisitors wander the lands of Golarion spreading the true word of their faith. Black words hailing the Prince of Darkness or the awe inspiring hymns to the All Seeing Eye, these crusaders often come into conflict, sometimes deadly, with those people and cultures who are disagreeable to the customs or religious calling to help those who cannot help themselves, oppress the weak, or encourage volunteerism when help is in surplus.  

The leaders of evil or totalitarian religions send these preachers into new territories to win converts and allies as to establish a sect, the first act before formal religion can be established in its entirety. 

Good self-righteous religions on the other hand make a habit of starting peaceful uprisings and political activism against churches opposed to their religion and to defend true-believers who are persecuted because of their beliefs by the faithless or unbelieving 

In the middle.. there is a movement that regardless of who ascends to the throne one thing remains and that is the people. I will continue to give aid and succor and reduce the casualties in this Game of Thrones. From these ashes of anarchy I turn my attention to a vocation as barrister for the church of Pharasma. Not to interfere with my adventuring and defending the people of the city but there appears to be a need. My first case will be the investigation into the Asmodian Mausoleum and Streeter's emerging memories.

"May the Goddess of Fate judge my actions as evenhanded and worthy; thank you for your eternal blessings and the promise of tomorrow." 

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  1. Where did we leave off after I left? (apologies btw)