Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Downtime resources

As mentioned earlier, I would like to implement our fame score, albeit a little creatively. As your heroes travel Midgard spreading the words of Thor and Loki, your success and fame shall bring you reward. Each new region you win over will herald you. With gifts of all manner, and to your liking. Each region shall collectively give you downtime resources for you to spend as you wish. This will be based off your fame score. Once these units are spent in a region, you will have to purchase them as per usual rules explained in the SRD. There is however one important exception. As you all know, magic is somewhat rare in Midgard. Thus the value of one unit of magic is 1,000 gp instead of 100.

Now then, the formula to calculate what resources you are gifted are easy, and as follows.
You earn a number of goods equal to your fame score multiplied by .7 . You earn a number of labor equal to your fame score multiplied by .7 . You earn a number of influence equal to your fame score. Finally, you earn a number of magic equal to your fame score multiplied by .2 . We will be going by the suggested fame point rewards from the SRD, which means you all get to add 1 fame point for each level you have attained. Also, I have decided that each mythic tier you achieve garners 5 fame points. So a seventh level character with four mythic tiers would have a minimum fame score of 27. You can not sell these free units for coin. Please feel free to post questions or comments in the comment section of this post.


  1. I re-read the down time rules & I have a bit of a concern. If we are "out of contact" for more than 30 days we start to lose resources earned via downtime rules. Basically they think we are dead so they take our stuff!

    As you pointed out, with the rarity of magic & our vast travels to date I don't see how it's possible to keep anything we invest in with this system.

    We can't teleport back to check in & I have no messaging spells to communicate with followers over vast distances. Do you have a plan for this issue or are we to figure out a means on our own?

    Also regarding the magical crafting. It says you can spend points to pay for the crafting of items, but you still need the item creation feats to actually craft them. Not sure if that's what you were referencing or not the other night.

  2. All valid points. You will never be considered out of touch, because the communities you win over will be divinely influenced to stand against the Terrasque. Even in your absence teams that you build and buildings ( or other things ) that you leave behind will have divine resources to herald your lore. As far as crafting is concerned, yes that is true. But you can spend magic units toward the price of magic items given to you as gifts, such as potions wands, or even wondrous items. Hence the leap in value, as I want it to mean something. If you choose to build teams, they will be self-motivated to spread your message or mission, whatever you decide. You won't have to take the leadership feat, and the downtime rules explain that once you build a team, it maintains its membership. That is to say, if you build a team of elite archers with the purpose of defending one of Rob's temple to Thor, that team replaces lost or drifted members, and always numbers what you built, with no further cost or effort from your behalf. Or if Troy wanted to build a shady tavern where rogues and spies met for the clandestine business of Loki, he could fill it with a team and manager and not worry about upkeep costs. If he came back to it, he could invest the resources to profit from it if he wished, or he could leave it be for story applications and DM fodder at a later date. But, he has the opportunity to build such a location at no real cost to him. I envision this application of the system as a way for your characters to leave some individual impact in the regions you "win" in your preparation for worlds end as you have been tasked with. And, sincerely, if it doesn't appeal to you, you don't have to use it at all. Also, and hopefully you'll see this in play Saturday, it gives me a story way to reward your fame without resorting to handfuls of coin, and it gives the player some creative way to choose rewards that appeal to him.

  3. Building teams certainly had the most appeal to me. Thought I did not see anything directly referencing bards which was surprising. Now that I know time away won't matter I will study the team building section a little closer so I know what I am talking about when we play. I do like your idea on using this system, now lets see how we can put it to use. Thanks BC!

  4. I also added some links to the downtime system and fame from the SRD

  5. That's a cool pic!

    BC as far as the gift heraldry gifts go I notice influence did not have a multiplayer? is that an oversight or intentional?

  6. Wow I butchered that in a rush! :-) *multiplier.

  7. When spending capital we use the purchased cost column (*not earned cost) as the value when/if converting the capital to gold pieces? I ask because you used changed the Magic capital value from 100 (*purchased cost) to 1,000.