Friday, August 29, 2014

Review from a few game sessions

3/22 Rats!

After review and collecting 50gp from the dark sphere, we pick up at citadel vulshnic. We are paid 2,000 gp for saving 700 people from the false cure.
We start up the next session after a day of rest.

I give grau a box contains gifts for his sister and her children. He decides not to give me grief due to my statcher.

Meeting with Crasida and her friend Erie's we are are surprised she was not dangled up in the grey maidens service. We notice her pupils are oddly shaped and the color is off. She is also nervous and seems unsettled. We discover her to be a wear rat and her people work in the sewers of Korvosa.

Craseda asks us a personal favor to aid her in preventing a war between the people of Korvosa and a rouge member of her race Gehrig Ripperclaws. 
We are to try to reason with him if not eliminate the threat of war. As payment we will be allowed to keep the "spoils of war"!

We learn some of the dangers of the sewer including, shrieking eels, snakes worthy of initiative, rats with disease. And goblins. We agree and split up to do some shopping and preparation for the encounter.

Heading to the church of Abadar we meet Ebesco a priest/banker. We negotiate a future service to return any Abadar items from the Greys to the church. In exchange for a wand of versatile weapon. We agree leaving my account as collateral and head to the sewer to kill some ROUS's!

Heading into the tunel we stumble across a goblin trap wher the majority of the group fall into a sewer stream and alert the goblins as several of us are then lit on fire for our trouble. We are then set upon  by a group of dire rats ( called it), combat insuues.

Soon shriekers cry out causing goblins and rats to "move on" and causing deafness to some of the group. Moving to the new hole in the wall rob notices what looks like a trumpet. As he moves in a foursome of wear rats ambush him but there bad luck cause two of them to critically fumble. The battle continues.

After a grueling battle which included explosions, DP's & even an Auburn we are we're successful in defeating Gurigs and his clan of 7 wear rats.

We get the wagon and load up a shit load of weapons and armor, potions and other misc magical items.

We earn 4300XP SAVING 400 lives. We start next session at the citadel meeting with Craseda and Erie to report the evenings encounter.   

4/19 The depths do Direction? (Not sure that's correct)

After reporting the evening events to Craseda we agree to investigate the sunken ship location looking for any clues to help identify whose ship it was?

Erie the wear rat is able to get us water breathing potions. She delivers them to our home, but she seems nervouse. Sending Marc's raven and the pseudo dragon Majenco they locate some Harpy's on a roof nearby watching our "area". We decide to head out & and are assaulted by a undead genie, a gargoyle & a white haired half elf. After several hairy rounds of combat we are destroy the undead and the harpies. But the gargoyle and half elf fled.

Heading into the river we find come across some kind of large shark "guarding the area" we are able to run it off after a couple rounds of poking it.

After searching around we find the ship broken into a couple pieces. We search the smaller section first and discover a swarm of shrieking eels. After James takes some con damage we find nothing of interest and decide to search the larger section. With a combined effort we force open a hatch and enter. 

We find a plague doctor corpse, I take his mask as evidence. I search his body and find a brass holy symbol of urgathoa goddess of disease.

Another swarm of shirking eels hits James again. And we head back out to enter through the second hatch. After a few failed attempts I grit my teeth and ( with a nat 20) rip it open from frustration.

Inside we find a larger than average magical shark which is evil as shit, as well the one we chased off previously, now know as the raper shark? As we enter combat a door opens and ( Yvicca) also known as SHD or shit head dick, a sea hag of sorts drops a fairy fire on us all.

As the round starts I am quickly bitten & snatched up in the jaws of the dire shark. I feebly stab it as it takes me away into the side of the ship.
As Yvicca weakens James it's up to Rob. He steps up and delivers a critical blow to the raper shark which will eventually kill it.

The dire shark travels 60' away and pins me preparing to swallow me hole. I feebly try to escape but all seems lost at this point. 
With the skill of an academy wizard, our witch cast a spectral hand delivering a ghoul touch to the dire shark paralysing it in place! 

The paladin and ranger double up on Yvicca and deal some nasty blows. Including a crit allowing the paladin to grapple the target. James steps up and smacks   

Free from the dire shark I dish out a ku-dey-gra killing the dire shark with one massive blow! Marc deals out some much needed Healing as I was A round away from certain death with  20HP.

Back at the Hag she fails to curse the paladin as the rest of the group pound her for another round. They can't quite drop her as she is able to flee. Unfortunately she flees right towards me. After she stabs me a couple times with her spear I am able to drive my bastered sword straight through her chest, wallering out the hole as I move it around.

Searching the ship the group finds papers to a group called B-7. One is titled to R.Davaulus with owner ship of ship and cargo noted as specimens. We find several deaths head coffers. +2 bracers of armor, +1 short spear, a wand of cure mod with 25 charges. Also is a +2 belt of Dex and a "broken" cloak of resistance +1. Marc & James fail the save & pick up a little plague for themselves. We also get a round of random rolls.

We get 2,900xp and will report back to Craseda next next week then try to hit the Greys. Again.

05/31. The vanishing virtuoso

The group rests at the citadel for a couple days while we await our wizard to finish his academy buisness. On his way into the citadel Zandu comes across a women pleading for the guards to help her find her lost brother. he takes the bait & decides to engage her in conversation. 

Her brother Roaun the ocorinist is missing. After getting the details Zandu offers to investigate the situation and let her know what he is able to uncover.

At breakfast zandu lets the party know of the whinny gate bitch. & since we have the rest of the day open we decide to accompany him to investigate.   

Based on the clues given closed up house & a foul smell. we assume vampires.
We head to Carawin manor to investigate the situation, weary of vampire activity.

We arrive on the scene to find the doors locked and windows closed up. opening the door we find a several dead bodies and three couples dancing around obviously undead!

BODAKS!! hit everyone with gaze attacks and several people "gain" negative levels. Harrow points must be used to avoid a couple fatalities. Then some fiery swirls of some kind fly in and hit us with more negative levels catching several people on fire. BY the end of round one  4 of us are messed up in the street while Tony and Rob try to hold them off. AT one point one of the creatures tries to force it's way into there lungs but is unsucsessful. By the second round everyone manages to escape, or so we thought.

A mere two round away from the house, just off the grounds the Dread white Gargoyle ( Also known as dick weed guzzler) that had attacked us previously springs his ambush! we are able to put it down in a round. We mark the estate walls with Plague warnings and hurry to the church of pharasema. 

 After getting a restoration & deathward we decide to rest at the perfume factory and head back in the morning for a raid at Dawn. Butch summons a Hound archon before bed to strike up a deal for help in the upcoming combat. Argil is pleased with the group and agrees to help ( even without us giving him a magical weapon or set of armor).   

after spelling up we assault the house again. With the aid of the hound archons we manage to handle the house of horrer. The climax of the battle was when the Archons surrounded and killed Jolistina. 
We gain 5,200 XP and save 500 lives. Will start next session looting the house & looking for clues.

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